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John worked with my company for two and a half years providing customer support, sales and customer relations services. John was very proficient at keeping clients connected and able to access the internet. Because my customers were so satisfied with the excellent work he gave them, I too was very satisfied and am pleased to strongly recommend John as a provider of I.T. services.

- Howard Jampolsky
Former owner of Internet Service Provider Microisp.net

I want to let people know how much I appreciate the service and help that John has given me over the years with my computer. His prompt attention to whatever problems arise, or questions I need answered, has given me a sense of security, which is very important for a rather timid beginner-level user at the computer like me. His installation of the remote access software to my computer has been very convenient, since it enabled him to solve some (to me) very difficult situations from his computer remotely, and with both of us on the 'phone, he was able to explain to me what he was doing, while I followed his actions on my screen. I have been greatly impressed by his knowledge of computers, and his ability to zero in on what is responsible when they don't behave. I want to thank him for his excellent service and his patience in teaching me both the basic, as well as some of the more sophisticated computer operations.

- Marvin W.
Long-term client.

John has been helping me with my computers for many years now. I really appreciate how much time and effort he puts into fixing my computers problems. He has helped me with computer purchases, setups, networking, and problem-solving. He has also introduced me to Ubuntu Linux, about which I am slowly learning, and John has been instrumental in that process. He is a very competent technical specialist and I would recommend, and have recommended him to other people.

- Elizabeth C.
Long-term client.

I have known John to be an excellent tech. He is very patient and is willing to take time with me. John is able to solve over 99% of the problems I have without major difficulties. He is very accurate with his work. The one thing that John wants his clients to do, is to ask questions and not be stressed out. He really enjoys helping me and loves troubleshooting.

- Cheryl F.

John's technical expertise made converting my Windows based system to a Linux system seamless and enjoyable. He took the time to make sure all components of my software and hardware were functioning before sending me off to explore on my own. He also took the time to help me understand how Linux operates so that I could adjust to using it with minimal headache. He even took the time to help me personalize my computer and download software! John definitely knows his stuff and is always available to lend a hand, even long after helping me with my computer. You can tell he really cares about his clients! Thanks again John!

- Jessica J.

I've seen John quickly construct a PC out of pieces (power supply, mainboard, hard drives, etc.) and it worked immediately. He really knows his hardware.

- Adrian Wade, Ph.D.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Ubuntu, 2011, general
Fedora, 2011, general
Gentoo, 2011, general

Red Hat, 2011, general/server/workstation
SUSE, workstation, server
Centos, 2011, server, workstation
Linux Mint, 2011, desktop

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